Sunday, September 28, 2008

"He's a PC, I'm a Mac" and other summer events

Today we enjoyed our last day of summer. Ben and I have had an eventful summer with the whole getting married thing and all. Although, Ben had to work most of the time we did manage a few memorable moments.

We have spent our summer watching lots of movies from Netflix, driving to the North side, staying up late, sleeping in, walking around downtown, and watching free shows. We also went to the Renaissance fair. I love the Renaissance Fair and I try to go every year. We drove to Wisconsin, and I got to experience a midwest Renaissance fair. It's different than Arizona. People out in the midwest seem to consider the RF as a way of living more so than an entertaining few hours. Ben and I had a lot of fun during the first part. We walked around, took some pictures, and picked out the different food we wanted to eat. We had both decided to start out with giant turkey legs. Ben was in charge of eating and watching the food while I went to get us mushrooms. This was obviously my first mistake, I should have never left my poor lovable but easily distracted husband alone. I'm standing in line when all of a sudden a screaming flailing Ben comes running up to me with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He had taken a bite of his turkey while people watching and a suicidal bee flew into his mouth and stung the roof of his mouth. I tried to pull the stinger out but was unsuccessful. At that moment, I found out that he left all of our possessions, including my camera, on the bench where we were sitting, I ran towards the bench and he ran towards first aid. I waited outside of the first aid area for him. Soon enough, a sad Ben came out with a cup of ice to soothe is wound. We tried to make the most out of the rest of the day. Ben was a good sport and tried to hide any pain he was feeling. It wasn't until we were watching some ridiculous performance that I noticed something wrong. Ben had gigantic hives all over his body. We decided that it was time to leave and walked out in the middle of the show which led to negative comments and gestures directed at us by the performers.

Another new and exciting event which makes all of these posts possible. . . my new computer! I am proud to say that I am a Mac. I used to have a PC but it didn't work out. Being with my PC was like being in one of those relationships where you decide that you will stick with it because it's familiar and safe, all the while you are wishing that you could just break up with it. You know that you should really just dump it because it's just not working out; you're not being treated the way you want to be. Then one day after all that you have given it, it breaks up with you in a devastating manner. In case I took the relationship/computer metaphor too far: I always had problems with my computer, but I learned to accept those problems as part of who my computer was. Unfortunately, my computer decided never to turn on again even after its surgical procedure. As I said, to my husband's dismay, I am a Mac, and I am happy.

Tomorrow is my last first day of undergraduate, and Ben's first day ever at the wonderful University of Chicago. Are we prepared? I doubt it. I assure you, it is not for lack of trying. We have spent this last week doing a dry run of our carefully crafted schedule to ensure that madness does not ensue within the first few weeks of the quarter. This is with the full realization that no amount of preemptive scheduling procedures can fully defend us from the chaos that is 9, 10, and 11 week. Fortunately, we bought a good amount of our books during Midnight Madness allowing us to beat the long lines and crowds. We also enlisted Google Calendar as an ally in hopes of decreasing overall confusion. We are both excited about classes and our future together.

I almost forgot to mention that on August 12, 2008 we celebrated our 1 month anniversary! We were very excited and celebrated with breakfast downtown at the Bongo Room. Breakfast was the only time we could actually go out together because of Ben's crazy work schedule. He left each day around 1pm and got home between 11pm and 12am every night. It really messed with our sleeping pattern and social life, but we really were thankful that he had a job. We also celebrated our two month anniversary this summer. We didn't really do anything special for the two month anniversary. We acknowledged the day by giving each other cards, but that was pretty much it. I do have to say that I enjoy being married two months more than one. Two months seems more legitimate than one. When you tell people that you have been married one month they give a look that says "oh, no wonder you're happy; wait another month and then we'll see." When you say that you have been married two months, people give you almost the same look, but I still feel a little more satisfied. I suppose people won't stop giving us those looks until we are two years or more into our marriage. Anyway, we will celebrate our three month anniversary soon, which I will assume will grant even more satisfaction and self accomplishment than two months. Maybe it is weird that I get so much excitement from each passing month. I am always amazed at how we grow closer and closer together in ways I could have never imagined. There is something liberating about being uninhibited in your ability to love another person so completely and without fear of possible future scorn. Being so close to Ben brings out strength in myself that I never knew existed. Of course, this means that I am also finding weaknesses that I never knew existed. Being married is like learning a new school of thought; you just never thought of things in the same light or perspective as you do now. I saw a movie where the husband cheated on his wife and I was almost in tears. I have seen this sort of behavior portrayed in movies before, I even know people who have committed adultery. But for some reason it never really had an effect on me until now. It was just something people did for some unknown reason that was wrong. I suppose my preconceived notions of marriage and adultery were formed in an emotionless vacuum where I was unable to comprehend the complete and utter emotional vulnerability that one succumbs to within the institution of marriage. I don't claim to be wise to all the ins and outs of marriage, I am just realizing the monumental change that an institution like marriage can have on your way of thinking and who you are. Ben and I have grown so much as a couple and as individuals. I really enjoy seeing how much our relationship grows month from month, I can't wait until I can compare year to year.


  1. Ah, married life. Those early months are really great but it just gets better and better each day. I know that life knits us tighter the more time passes.

  2. You write like your writing some paper, i'm surprised i didn't have to break out the dictionary for some of your sentences! Stop writing like your in school and write like the Natasha I know you are! Love ya, LOL... you mac, you!

  3. Thanks for the card and picture. It was great to hear from you. Sounds like you are adjusting well to married life. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Girl! Just found your blog through you know other blogs. Anyway glad to see you guys and hear about your wedding.

  5. haha Ben with hair! Always great to see!!